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Data supported decisions

We’re always looking at the numbers for patterns that lead to insights. From share shifts in broadcast television to digital optimization in real time, we use data to execute better.

Dedicated team of generalists and specialists

Most media companies are great at training media specialists in media practices such as spot TV groups, print groups, and emerging media groups. But few are trained in how to think beyond their specialty area. We offer the expertise of “specialists” to focus on individual channel success metrics but the wisdom of “generalists” to bring all the elements together against the end business goal.

Digital trading desk technology

We offer the same technology that clients of major holding companies benefit from to achieve scaled digital ad buys. Using real time bidding and exchange inventory, this new technology gives digital the potential to become the next new mass medium.

Holistic strategy development

Our cross training model allows our people to develop a vision for the entire field of media. We design holistic media strategies that reflect the natural patterns in how people use media.

Performance driven media buying

We hold ourselves accountable. We estimate. We post. We optimize.

Experts in the integration of digital and traditional media

We integrate new and old media despite having different languages and audience dynamics. We provide the translation.

About Us

Media Intelligence is a media boutique specializing in the creation and execution of performance based media campaigns. Our mission is to connect marketers, in the most intelligent way, with the people they wish to engage. We call it Meaningful Human Connection.

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