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Media Planning

media planning

Strategy Development

We offer media strategy development with a focus on mass media or we’ll develop a full funnel strategy for you that integrates other media elements you may be using including, social, SEO, search, PR and content marketing.

media plan design

Media Plan Design

We have a long history of developing both B2B and B2C plans. We have the technology and tools that drive the best plans. But more importantly, our planning follows a set of principles beginning with the establishment of objectives first…always!

budget optimization

Budget Optimization

Through the optimization of your target audience, timing, geography, reach/frequency goals, and much more, we make your budgets go further.

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We apply a very disciplined approach to buying television. Yes, we still estimate, monitor and post our buys despite the erratic nature of the beast. We consider share shifts and PUT changes, LPMs issues, ADS growth and wired home declines. We look at it all. And we hold ourselves accountable to a gold standard for buy performance.



We take a thorough look at the footprint to ensure the best radio coverage. This includes a three-tiered approach to station selection. We also keep an eye on digital radio as it evolves and we let clients know if and when it makes sense to use it.



Yes, print does still exist and we’ll buy it for you when it makes sense. We apply all the basic audience principles and integrate digital versions when appropriate.

digital trading desk

Digital Trading Desk

We offer the most advanced technology for buying digital media at scale. Our trading desk technology allows us to structure buys for prospecting and remarketing or both. We offer cross channel buying of display, video, mobile, and social ads.

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Custom Projects

custom projects

Custom Media Audits

We’ll review your current media strategy, plan and/or buy and let you know how it stacks up.

sponsorship evaluation

Sponsorship Evaluations

Whether it’s with a station, a sports vendor, a publisher or a local soccer complex, we’ll tell you what the deal is worth and give you the tools to negotiate. We can also structure and negotiate the deal for you.

syndicated media research

Syndicated Media Research Reports

We’ll give you target audience insights, business opportunity insights or a competitor analysis just to name a few of the special reports we can create for your business.

About Us

Media Intelligence is a media boutique specializing in the creation and execution of performance based media campaigns. Our mission is to connect marketers, in the most intelligent way, with the people they wish to engage. We call it Meaningful Human Connection.

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