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We Optimize More Variables

Meaningful Human Connection is connection backed by aim and intent. It is the end result of a smarter approach to media planning and buying. This approach places an emphasis on generating a better consumer response …because a better response fuels better business results.

In fueling a better response, each impression we deliver must have more purpose and intelligence behind it. Each must be more targeted yet occur in greater numbers. Each must be more respectful yet break through more clutter. Each must be more relevant and deliver what was promised. And all of this must be achieved in a media environment that changes with lightning speed.

What are our methods? We account for more variables in the media planning and buying process. The infographic below provides an overview of our process. If you want to know more, give us a call.

We Use a Disciplined Process


About Us

Media Intelligence is a media boutique specializing in the creation and execution of performance based media campaigns. Our mission is to connect marketers, in the most intelligent way, with the people they wish to engage. We call it Meaningful Human Connection.

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