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Central Blood Bank

Over the years we have worked with Central Blood Bank to solve some big challenges

The Big Questions

“Can we use mass media to drive people to donate?”
“How do we get young people to donate?”

Together, we’ve come up with some answers to these questions

Twilight Movie Blood Drive Promotion

How do you create excitement among young people to willingly participate in the altruistic act of blood donation?

You tie blood donation to a Twilight exclusive movie premier event and promote it in partnership with a top young adult radio station and their beloved talent. Results follow. Central Blood Bank secured a slew of new donors with a presenting average age of 21 and they were also able to reconnect with a dramatic number of lapsed donors. Overall results exceeded projections. And with a continued partnership with that young adult station, the blood bank nearly doubled those initial collection numbers in a subsequent single blood drive.

Client Testimonial from Central Blood Bank

“From the first interview in the selection process, Media Intelligence has been a proven, consistent asset to Central Blood Bank and instrumental in the blood bank achieving its mission of caring for area patients. They are everything you want in a business partner – professionally challenging the status quo; good communicators; a desire and work ethic to fully learn the business they are supporting combined with a thirst for improvement in their own field that they then leverage for their clients. They lead in a collaborative manner never losing sight of the business objective. They have exceeded my high expectations.”

John Pepper

Director, Business Integrated Services

Central Blood Bank

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